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The Old Forge, Wilton, Pickering, North Yorkshire YO18 7JY

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B&B Cottages

A little history

The Census of 1701 shows that Wilton’s blacksmith was operating from these buildings, and his successors plied their trade here for over 250 years until the decline of the industry.  By the early 1960s it had become a smallholding and in the mid 1970s an extra storey was added to the building which contained the forge to create more bedrooms, and it became a family home.

As far as we are aware, it has been operating as a bed and breakfast and cottages since the 1990s.

Julie, Philippa and Maisie welcome you

Julie, Philippa and Maisie (our lovely Border Terrier) look forward to welcoming you to this beautiful area, and providing you with a relaxing and comfortable place to stay.

Please see the Local Attractions and Links pages for information on the many things to do and see while you are at The Old Forge.

Ariel view of The Old Forge, Wilton
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